I’ve heard women talk like that. I’ve also heard guys say things like “she’s so hot” and “I’d like to [colorful euphemism] *her* [body part].” And sometimes that’s fine and sometimes it’s gross, depending on context and phrasing and who’s talking and who they’re talking about and all that stuff. However, there’s at least the implication that the activity described would be consensual. Objectifying? Maybe, but usually that kind of talk describes a scenario where the woman was/would be down with it.

What Trump said… was not that. The guy’s literally describing a series of situations where he “took without asking” — where he didn’t care about how she felt, and where he used his status and power to get away with it. Sure, some women might be overwhelmed with desire as soon as that handsome hunk of cheese and Tribble hair walks into the room, but *most* women (from what I’m hearing) were really skeeved out by his predatory behavior, and his money and power only served to make them worry about the repercussions of talking about it.

In other words, there’s “locker room” talk, aaaand then there’s literally bragging about groping women and getting away with it.

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