There is no doubt in my mind that you took the time to read the entire article.

I mean, okay: you probably didn’t. And I gotta hand it to you — being able to risk such a huge internet faceplant by skimming an article and then replying to what you *thought* it was about (instead of what it was actually about)… that takes guts, man. Especially considering how you seem to have missed the point entirely.

No, like, completely. As in, every single thing you accused the author of doing was almost the opposite of what the author actually did, with the exception (maybe?) of your “self-obsessed” line (which, ya know, it’s a personal essay about his experiences promoting his movie, so… yeah?)

I know you’re just going to react poorly to anything that vaguely smells like a request for self-reflection, because — as James Baldwin said (and I’m paraphrasing here) underneath hate, there is always pain, and that pain is so hard to confront that we cover it up with hate. Or something. Look- he said it better than that. Which you would know if you’d actually read this article, because not only was that quote included in the article, it was kind of the whole point of the article. I don’t know what strawman article you were railing against, but it wasn’t this one.

Person who writes things. Sometimes I record things, too.

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